Monday, October 4, 2010

An open letter for my friends and loved ones:

An open letter for my friends and loved ones:

Sivad, a married couple, another young man, and I (his wife-Tawni) were wrapping up a project at his studio in the early hours of Sunday, October 3, 2010. Anyone who has met Sivad knows that he was always interested in who you are as an individual and gets to know your heart, followed up by offering a word of wisdom and encouragement. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that, in spite of the long work day, he took time to talk and laugh with our 3 guests for quite a while.
Sivad is a true believer and follower of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We learned previously from the married couple that they are agnostic, so they hold a polar opposite view and dismiss the teaching of the Holy Bible, although they were both very spiritual and active believers at one point.

The 3 visitors were in the back area while I was in the front room. The young man came to the front in amazement at some of the things Sivad was telling him. The man was intrigued by Sivad, and he pointed out how many things are widely accepted and how we never question these widely accepted things that are taught until somebody points out what we’ve failed to consider and uses simple, common sense. He mentioned to me how Sivad makes you think. This happened to be first time they had met.

Sivad took the opportunity of having the married couple alone in the back to minister to them to impart the Truth and turn them back to God. They debated back and forth, and neither had made any headway with the other. Sivad walked them to the front with me and the other young man so that we could all say our goodbyes while the debate continued. Here is the part of the debate I heard first-hand:

The married couple was saying that their perspective is that God is cruel and sadistic to allow those He created to go to eternal damnation and they don’t want any part of a God like that because if it was his will that no man should perish he wouldn’t allow it to happen. Sivad was saying God says that it is His will that no man should perish, but we are all given free will, and without Jesus Christ you will go to Hell.

Married couple—How can you say that Heaven or Hell exists?

Sivad—God says.

Married couple—The argument is circular. Why do Christians get to have a monopoly on God? It is a way to control people.

Sivad—There is nothing that anyone has to do as a Christian, in fact you can keep on doing the exact same things you have always done, but it is simply accepting the gift of Jesus.

Married couple—How can you say that Jesus is the way? Where is your proof? There are other religions and there are even other teachings that say there are other ways to get to Heaven.

Sivad—Look, it’s simple. Jesus died and rose on the 3rd day to save us from our sin. There ya go. I don’t have to argue about it with you anymore if you’re not willing to accept it. I believe in God.

Married couple—The theory of dying and being raised on the 3rd day was stolen from other religions pre-dating Christianity by hundreds of years.

Sivad was then used by God to give the response of suddenly and unexpectedly having his spirit taken from his body.

In less time than it took for me to blink, my amazing husband immediately died.

As I sat by myself in the hospital, I asked the Holy Spirit what this was for. He answered my heart immediately. His exact words--God said that it was not for me. God said that it was for them [the married couple]. God said that is to show them that I Am; that I can take them in the twinkling of an eye. God told me to tell them that, and when they came to the hospital, I did. I looked them in their eyes and thanked them for the privilege and honor of allowing my husband to be used so mightily by God. I told them that I understand and that I accept this. I asked them to search their hearts. We all hugged and they left. The other young man came in and told me how he was listening so intently to Sivad the entire time. He pointed out to me that the words Sivad uttered with his last breath were, “I believe in God.”

By myself again, sitting and staring at the beige hospital wall, I told God that my husband was the best I had. Again, God replied immediately by saying that Jesus was the best He had. So I shook my head up and down in understanding and acceptance of this.

I am so tremendously proud of Sivad for standing on the Truth. And because God is not at all cruel or sadistic, but rather is so good and is so kind and is so patient and is so loving and is so merciful, He chose to use Sivad an example of His power and His strength. He took the life of Sivad instead of that of the other husband because Sivad already gets to go to Heaven. If God has taken the other husband instead, then the soul of that non-believer would be in Hell for eternity right now, and God is showing how it truly is His will that no man should perish. Therefore, God took Sivad as an example to give the married couple another chance; to give them the opportunity to turn their hearts back to God and come to salvation through Jesus Christ alone. God used the other young man to serve as a separate eye witness to the account.

Our Lord God used Sivad to pour out blessings upon all those he met. I thank him for being a perfect husband, a dedicated dad, and truly my best friend this side of Heaven. I will miss him so deeply, but I told him that I’ll see him there. In this case, as will be the case for all of creation, God will have the last word.

Humbly yours,

Tawni DiVaughn